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Here's how to nominate a person or company for the RealLIST Startups, RealLIST Connectors or RealLIST Engineers, any time.

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Who’s real?

That is, whose ideas, companies and partnerships are making the most tangible change in their local tech community? Who’s all about action, not just talk? Who’s impacting their industry’s future for the better?

At, we’re obsessed with knowing who’s doing the most actually-innovative-not-just-in-a-buzzword-y-way work, and then sharing that insight with our readers. The most succinct way we do that is through our RealLISTs.

These three annual lists call out the most promising startups, influential technologists and connective community members in each of our markets — Philly, Baltimore, DC, Delaware and Pittsburgh. The newsroom spends weeks leading up to each list’s release combing through our archives and source books to determine who’s worthy of a shoutout in a given year’s edition.

Our RealLIST Startups roundups publish each January and track the young, local tech companies (founded no more than three years ago) that are most poised to do big things in the next year. Our RealLIST Connectors roundups publish each May and track the local tech community members who convene and inform others (meaning they host a meetup, run an accelerator, advance policy changes, etc.). Our RealLIST Engineers roundups publish each fall and track the local technologists who show impressive technical aptitude, community leadership and collaborative practices.

All are meant to celebrate the innovation happening year round in the communities we cover. also convenes past honorees periodically for peer-to-peer lessons sharing, whether through invite-only stakeholder meetings or dedicated events within our major annual conferences.

To stay better aware of who’s doing cool things as they’re happening, is now collecting nominations for each of these RealLISTs on a rolling basis. You’ll spot a banner ad promoting the noms throughout the year on both our site and in newsletters to keep the RealLISTs top of mind for readers. We’ll also post occasional reminders to submit your ideas, like when the newsroom is compiling the next RealLIST.

Who deserves to be highlighted? Below, tell us which individuals and companies we should consider for future editions of this series.

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