Get ready for the ridesharing wars: PPA says it’s going after Uber and Lyft again

PlanPhilly reports the PPA will issue citations against drivers, rather than impounding their vehicles.

Illegal in Philadelphia.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Let the games begin: rideshare drivers in Philadelphia will face sanctions from the Philadelphia Parking Authority starting Friday, PlanPhilly reports.
Following the expiration of that budget agreement that allowed rideshare operators Uber and Lyft to keep hitting the streets, the PPA announced it will resume sanctions against drivers. It’s a callback to the stings of 2014 (and, before that, PPA action against ridesharing pioneer SideCar in 2013).
“TNC service in now illegal in Philadelphia and the PPA is committed to enforcing the law,” PPA Deputy Executive Director Corinne O’Connor said in a press release dated Oct. 3. “As a result, the PPA is providing 48 hour notice that it will resume enforcement against illegal TNC service in Philadelphia.”
PPA spokesman Martin O’Rourke confirmed via email that the 48-hour window ends this Friday. As PlanPhilly also reported, sanctions will likely be citations against drivers rather than the impounding of vehicles, as was hinted at by PPA General Counsel Dennis Weldon.
So what’s the word from the Uber camp? In an emailed statement, an Uber rep confirmed the company will continue to serve both riders and drivers in Philly, and pointed at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the next move.
“It is more imperative than ever that the House leadership stick to their promise and pass ridesharing legislation the week of October 17th,” the company wrote.
And according to Stephen Miskin, the spokesman for House Majority Leader Dave Reed, that discussion is slated for the next session of the legislative body.


Just a friendly reminder that, if the piece of legislation — already sanctioned by the State Senate — is not approved on Oct. 17, the bill must be reintroduced. But until that day comes, riders and drivers are left in uncertainty.
Looks like reps have other priorities:

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