Kick off Philly Tech Week with the good kind of swag

Who knew we could be implying something so nefarious?

Break out your notebooks and jean jackets, we're lacing you with swag!

(Photo by Jeanette Lloyd)

Turns out, swag is one really misunderstood word! Who knew?!
In current common usage, swag has a number of meanings:

  • Illegally obtained goods
  • Scientific Wild-Ass Guess (???)
  • A valance: an item of window dressing wherein fabric matching the drapes is gathered at one or more points along the curtain rod to produce decorative sweeps of cloth having the appearance of downward-hanging fans
  • Free stuff: promotional items, gift bags, goodies, and the like

Scientific Wild-Ass Guess, though? Hilarious.
Lucky for you and yours, we only recognize it as the last one listed there: FREE STUFF. Of which, thanks to Button Frog and Sticker Mule we will have plenty of 100 percent legally obtained swag at #PTW16. We’ll even have some temporary tattoos so you can really get “swagged out.”
See you at the Philly Tech Week kickoff event this Friday, April 29 from 5-10 (rain date: Saturday, April 30) where you’ll be most likely to nab some of our sweet swag before it’s all snatched up. But hey, that’s just our Scientific Wild-Ass Guess.

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