2015 was the year the Philly tech scene organized

Organized around what, you ask? So much: The women in tech community, the Comcast franchise negotiations, health IT and more.

Philly tech scene, assemble! The Philly Tech Week 2015 kickoff at Dilworth Park, from above.

(Photo by Aidan Un)

The Philly tech scene has undoubtedly arrived, so what’s next?

Getting organized.
This year, we watched the tech community come together to advocate for its interests, whether it was booking more women speakers at conferences, getting Comcast to be a better corporate citizen or turning Philly into a health IT hub.
What’s the meaning of all of this? As we wrote in an earlier story: “It suggests the scene’s growing power, a stronger collective identity and a will for civic engagement — notably different from the conventional image of a tech scene that’s out of touch and only cares about growth and their next round of funding.”
And with great power … you know the adage. What we mean is: as the tech scene grows and organizes and finds its voice, how will it use its power? What will the tech scene organize around in 2016? (Perhaps around making sure local communities don’t get displaced when major tech-related real estate developments begin to rise?)
Here’s a look at how the tech scene organized in 2015. Let us know what we missed in the comments.


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