ParkMyCloud grows by reducing cloud costs

While gaining customers, the Dulles company is testing new offerings.

The ParkMyCloud interface.

(Courtesy photo)

Dulles-based ParkMyCloud is reporting continued growth, and new plans to allow businesses to better take advantage of the cloud storage resources that it offers so that the companies are not paying for online storage in the hours when they are not using it.

The concept behind ParkMyCloud when it started was that most businesses pay to be able to store information in the cloud constantly, even though they only use the servers that hold that information during work. So the company came up with a centralized system to manage and turn off  – or “park” – servers that businesses aren’t using after the business day or on weekends, according to the company. The service works with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and lets its customers schedule the process through an app.

Since the company was founded in July, 2015, it has expanded to serve 200 customers in 15 countries, including large companies such as McDonald’s, Fox, CapitalOne and Raytheon. The business is growing by 26 percent a month, and projects that this growth will continue beyond 2018, according to figured from the company. Most of the companies that use ParkMyCloud’s services see reduced cloud costs of 65 percent or more, their website stated.

Jay Chapel, CEO of ParkMyCloud, said that many customers tend to err on the side of caution and purchase more size for their instances (or servers) than they need. To remedy this, he plans to design baseline tests that monitor the utilization of servers, and make recommendations based on those tests as to what size of servers the customer actually needs to buy.

ParkMyCloud has also recently released a beta version of an iOS app that offers users the option to control their cloud resources from their phone. Chapel said that the company plans to see if customers are drawn to the app, and if they are will work to release an Android app as well.

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