PACT is rebranding in a play for early-stage companies

The OG entrepreneurship org tapped Philly-based design and web shops Zer0 to 5ive and LiquidHub for a facelift.

PACT's new logo.

(Courtesy image)

Taking a cue from the City of Philadelphia, this week the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) launched its new website, as part of an all-around rebranding process.
The new site indeed looks fresher than the old version and — again, much like the city’s new site — it’s more focused on the services the organization offers (a lineup of eventsa free mentorship program, etc.).
PACT CEO Dean Miller said refreshing the org’s image and website looked to be a pressing matter in order to follow through on the goal of better reaching out to local entrepreneurs.

PACT's new jawn.

PACT’s new jawn. (Screenshot)

“The website acts as a rallying point for community-first information and interaction,” Miller said in a press release.
Miller also gave a shoutout to Zer0 to 5ive and LiquidHub, the local design and dev shops that tackled the redesign.
PACT gave a sneak preview of its new logo back in May during the Enterprise Awards. Here’s PACT CEO Dean Miller’s early pitch on the rebranding back in May:

So beside the new startupy logo, are there actual strategies in place backing up the organization’s play for Philly’s entrepreneur ecosystem? Miller quickly said yes, and points at things like the group’s upcoming IMPACT Conference, where cofounders will have a chance to pitch investors free of charge.
But don’t get it twisted, Miller warns. This isn’t PACT all of a sudden focusing on smaller companies. The full range of businesses (from freshly-minted startups to enterprises the size of SAP, for example) are still on the organization’s sights.
“The new site certainly brings a freshness to our brand and hopefully a clearer approach to what we do and how people can get involved,” Miller said.


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