DC weed telemedicine startup is growing beyond the District

OnePath Medical is expanding services to New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

The future of weed seems to be legal, and tech-savvy. (Photo by Flickr user danielfsnick, used under a Creative Commons license)

Since opening its first dispensary in 2013, D.C. has become known for its legalized medical marijuana. Now the District may be known for its marijuana startups, as well.

One of those is OnePath Medical.The company is a SaaS provider which connects prospective medical marijuana patients with doctors. Patients register online and use OnePath’s software to be examined remotely by a doctor who can proscribe marijuana medicine. OnePath users can then use recommendations from these doctors at local dispensaries.

The company is looking to move into new areas as medical marijuana is approved in other Mid-Atlantic states.

“Through our platform, we’ve helped many patients in Washington D.C. obtain the medical cannabis they need and now offer our services to patients in several markets on the East Coast with more coming online soon,” OnePath cofounder Joshua Green said in a statement.

Last week, the company announced that it is expanding services to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the state of New York.

“Next year we’re planning on going out and actually pursuing a few licenses in different states,” cofounder Sam Adetunji said. “In 2018, we plan on having a grow operation.”

However it isn’t likely that OnePath will be situating their grow operation in the DMV area. “The DMV is very expensive,” Adetunji said. “And many of those licenses have already been given out.” He did say the growing startup is hiring for a variety of positions in their D.C. office.

In addition to OnePath Medical, D.C. is also home to Relief, a startup which collects data to determine a user’s optimal strain.







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