On the Market: Hiring moves at healthtech startup IncentFit (plus 17 other open jobs)

Want to snag a tech job before Philly Tech Week? Take your pick.

Allie Ilagan, content marketer at IncentFit.

(Photo courtesy of Mikey Ilagan)

On the Market is a column where we highlight noteworthy job openings and the people who are lookin’. Got a submission? Email us and tell us why it belongs in the roundup.

Allie Ilagan, formerly head of marketing at the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, started a new job last week as the first marketing hire at a healthtech company called IncentFit, a New York-based outfit with a Philly outpost at Indy Hall.

The company, a team of six split between its two HQs, offers employers a corporate wellness benefits platform that pays employees cash rewards to exercise, get check-ups and add physical activities to their daily lives. Founded in 2013, the company has bootstrapped its way to a roster of 200 corporate clients.

“I am so excited about this next phase of my career; it’s exactly the kind of challenging, fast-paced content marketing that I was looking to explore,” said Ilagan, who welcomed a baby boy in December with husband Mikey Ilagan. “It’s a bonus that the company provides positive social value, in that it’s helping inspire (and reward!) people to live healthier and more active lifestyles.”

The narration of Ilagan’s final interview, from her newsletter Running Late, is scintillating. Here’s an excerpt:

Here’s what went into the preparation for this one interview:

  • Five (5) emails with my former colleague about whether I should ask for a break to pump or if I should mention that I just had a baby or if that would immediately discount me as a candidate.
  • Several back and forth planning calls with my mom about where and how she’d watch the baby (in a coffee shop four blocks from the office, by whatever Nonna magic she could summon)
  • $12 Center City parking
  • Strategic breastfeeding (in public!) before the handoff
  • Reminding my feet what heels are, and how one navigates historic Philadelphia cobblestone with minimal broken ankles
  • Ducking into a bathroom to put on my new blouse and blazer, which had been folded in a ziplock in my purse (to avoid being spit up on, natch)
  • Keeping it together throughout three hours of the most intense technical marketing questions I’ve ever experienced (and um, nailed it)
  • Keeping it together during the goodbye handshakes while I sweated and my chest ached
  • Running all the way back to the cafe where everything was literally just fine, he’s fine, he’s absolutely fine without you, he’s almost ready for college by now, he’s fine.

But what’s the On the Market portion, you ask? The company is looking for a full-stack software developer to be its seventh employee.



Chariot Solutions is hosting a conference on the Internet of Things on Thursday, featuring speakers from IBM Watson, Comcast and SAP. The Fort Washington, Pa.-based software company is also looking for Angular, Scala, Mobile and Java developers. Peep into their culture and open jobs here.


Amino, the blockchain-enabled fintech company for the ad industry based in Center City, is looking for a senior software engineer versed in Java, MySQL, Concurrency and Spring Boot. The company pulls no punches with its job description: “There is no other start up in Philly with more of an opportunity for growth as a company and for its team members.”


Here are more jobs, courtesy of our tech jobs board:

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