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Uber for plows: On-demand snow removal app SnoHub expands to Philly

The Connecticut-based company says it has 34 contractors in the Philly area ready to go clear your street up.

Snowy Philly. (Video by Cory Popp)

The Philly area saw a bit of snow over the weekend, the first real event of the season and a good sign for SnoHub founder James Albis.

His Ridgefield, Conn.-based company, provider of on-demand snow removal, expanded to Philly in the fall along with the Boston and New York metro areas.

“Our task was to create a scalable solution to address the problems of snow clearing that has been plagued with inefficiencies for decades,” Albis said in an email.

Here’s Albis giving the elevator pitch in an explainer video:

The company has 34 Philly-area contractors on tap to service Philly customers. SnoHub will notify homeowners of the estimated time of arrival of their contractor together with photos of the vehicle and the driver. Much like an ridesharing app, users can track their contractor as they head towards the location. Before and after pictures are sent through the app to confirm the work was done.

Pricing starts at $59 for a base of three inches of snow, $10 per inch after that.

Late last year two other on-demand snow removal services expanded to Philly, both of them before the first flake had fallen: Toronto’s Eden and New Jersey’s


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