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Kesha Cash of Impact America Fund shines a light on ‘shadow economies’

The newest episode of our podcast "Off the Sidelines" explores impact investing.

Kesha Cash. (Courtesy photo)

This podcast series is produced in partnership with Project Entrepreneur, a program by UBS, and was reviewed before publication.

Investors can only succeed if they find opportunity where others don’t. Some have deep subject matter expertise in a narrow field. Others know industry buying trends. Many hold a contrarian view of the future.

Then there are investors like Kesha Cash, founder and general partner of Impact America Fund, who believe there are entire segments of the economy not being serviced. Diversifying founders and funders, then, aren’t acts of charity, they are unique business opportunities.

Through her investments, Cash is highlighting “shadow economies” — industries and corners of the market that are overlooked or ignored by mainstream funds, often due to their association with underrepresented communities. She discussed her approach to discovering and vetting these companies in our conversation for the newest episode of “Off the Sidelines,” an investor education podcast series from us at in partnership with Project Entrepreneur, a program by UBS.

Like Impact America Fund, Project Entrepreneur works to advance inclusive capital, diversify the pipeline of investors and supporters, and improve the enabling environments for female founders. In addition, both know that increasing attention to investors and founders from shadow economies has a compounding effect — as they become successful, it raises their visibility, increasing the chances of similar success for those that follow.

Find out more about impact investing and shadow economies by listening to the episode below.

Off the Sidelines — Ep 4 — Kesha Cash of Impact America Fund


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