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NYC’s Croissant is slowly rolling out in DC

No, this isn't about the buttery pastries. It's about being able to cowork wherever you want.

Two of Croissant's cofounder, Adam Chew and Dave Idell, seen with a croissant. (Courtesy photo)

NYC-based Croissant is coming to D.C.
Let us stop you right there before you start daydreaming of fluffy, buttery pastries — it’s not quite that kind of croissant.
Croissant the app, rather, is a membership service with which you, the coworker, can get access to a bunch of different coworking spaces all for one monthly fee. There are different tiers of membership depending on how much time you wish to spend coworking, and Croissant also has an internal online community for members. Brooklyn profiled the startup last September.
It’s like ClassPass, but for coworking. And now, it’s coming to the District.
Croissant is expanding to both the District and Boston, but cofounder Dave Idell told that D.C. was the first, really. Why? Well, as it turns out, there was a lot of demand on Twitter.
“We were getting requests from all over,” Idell said, “but D.C. had the most. We were like O.K., I guess we’re going to D.C. first!”
I/O Spaces in Silver Spring was Croissant’s first partnership in the area, and from there they added space at Eastern Foundry, Creative Colony and DC Workspaces in NoMa. The few members Croissant has in D.C. at the moment though are kind of “beta” users, Idell said. The company hopes to have six to eight partnerships by the end of the month, and then start a real marketing push from there.
For the space Croissant provides marketing and customers in the door, customers who might, at some point, choose to become full-time members of a given space. For the members, on the other hand, the service means flexibility and the ease of access to a large number of workplaces, all for a similar price to what one might pay for monthly access to cove or WeWork. The spaces Croissant works with, Idell said, are generally “open-minded, and willing to try something new and cool.”
The company was founded in May 2015 in NYC, and since then it has grown to a network of over 200 members using more than 25 spaces. So it’s going well in the Big Apple, but will the model replicate? “We’re about to find out,” Idell said.

Companies: I/O Spaces / cove / Eastern Foundry / WeWork

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