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Catching up with 1SEO

CEO Lance Bachmann (the guy from the billboard) caught us up on what the company has been up to since we last checked in.

Part of the new 1SEO office, which also includes a cafeteria and a gym.

(Photo courtesy of 1SEO)

The last time we spoke with 1SEO founder Lance Bachmann was in August of 2011.
Back then, the company was just over a year old. The company had 15 employees packed “like sardines” in its Southampton office and another 96 outsourced in India. Bachmann, a Northeast Philly native, was just getting ready to relocate to new offices in Bristol, Pa., and even divulged some insider tips on what it’s like being on a billboard.
Now, Bachmann’s dreams of 1SEO becoming an “open technology community” are being fulfilled, he said.
1SEO is moving into new office space in April, located in the Lennox building in Bristol (1414 Radcliffe Street). The new offices have a full gym, cafeteria, arcade games, shuffle board — it’s all part of Bachmann’s vision for the 1SEO brand and culture.


The exterior of 1SEO’s new waterfront offices. (Photo courtesy of 1SEO)

By the end of January, 1SEO will have 41 employees working locally. Bachmann has cut outsourced work in India drastically, and plans to be completely out of India by the end of the year.
Bachmann, who has appeared on billboards along I-95 for years now, says he has no desire to relocate 1SEO to Philadelphia proper, mostly because of the city wage tax. Still, he encourages city dwellers to come work for him, offering city-dwellers compensation for their commute out to the ‘burbs.
“Philadelphia is starting to become a leader in the digital marketplace,” he told us. “I truly believe that.”

The new 1SEO lunch room. (Photo courtesy of 1SEO)

Last fall, 1SEO was named one of Inc.’s 5,000 fastest-growing businesses. “We’re going on six years in business without making a cold call,” Bachman says. “And we’re not located in the city.”
As for the marketing campaigns? Bachmann keeps it old school. 1SEO just put a fleet of cars on the streets with full-on decals. Oh, and then there’s the billboard. “I don’t think the billboard brings us new customers,” Bachmann says. “But it gives us credibility. We’ve been around, we’re not working out of a house.”


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