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A look at the 60+ jobs at Wednesday’s NET/WORK DC

Who's hiring, what for and how much are they paying?

NET/WORK DC is Wednesday, March 29, and 11 hiring organizations will be at the The Iron Yard looking for their next candidate.

We’ve talked about why we do it, written about how we do it and even surveyed our exhibitors about it. That’s because it’s our mission to connect you to employment opportunities in the growing tech hub that is Washington, D.C.

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There’s at least 60 jobs up for grabs and this is what you really need to know:

The hiring companies run the gamut, sector-wise.

  • From news media to identity verification to financial services, we’ve got you covered. There’s even some government consulting in there (hey, it’s D.C. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Technical and non-technical roles are up for grabs.

  • There’s a lot of developer gigs here but it’s not just technical roles. Surveyed exhibitors say they’re hiring for project management, business development and operations roles, too. PR, marketing and advertising folks are also welcome.

What’s the average salary range for these open positions?

  • The bulk of them range from $71,000 to $100,000, but entry-level and exec-level salaries are also represented in the survey data.
Starting salary data.

Starting salary data. (Screenshot)

Even if you’re not sure if you are actually looking for a new job, Wednesday’s event is the place for you to start those connections for future employment.

Want to know more about what the hiring companies are looking for and how to prepare? Check out the full survey here.

See you tomorrow, smart people!


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