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MotorCar Studios plans to drive the new image of the classic car industry

With the help of Blackstone LaunchPad, MotorCar provides needed strategy and content services for an industry that, founder Calvin Miller says, “is so dated.”

The team behind MotorCar Studios includes (from left to right) Andrew Mastin, Andrew Paolucci, Calvin Miller, Nick Zabrecky and Adolfo Massari. (Courtesy photo)

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Out of a brainstorm from a Temple University entrepreneurship class, Calvin Miller founded MotorCar Studios as a way to kick the classic car market into high gear.
“Everything in the industry is so dated,” the 24-year-old said. “We provide all the tools they need to connect with the digital world.”
He often sees classic car dealerships and individual sellers using blurry or low-res photos, an obvious disservice to vehicles that may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The lack of a web presence for many restoration shops also shocks Miller. “It’s a very intricate art form. The craftsmanship is incredible,” he said. “We want to get this information out there and let people know about it.”
Founded in October 2014, MotorCar Studios begins by developing content strategy plans for its customers. Then, based on that foundation and particular needs, Miller — along with cofounders Andrew Paolucci and Nick Zabrecky — offer video production, photography and graphic and web design services.
The company’s current roster of clients includes Autodromo, Auctions America, RM Sotheby’s and Ragtops & Roadsters, Miller said. In addition, the company formed a partnership with LBI Limited, which specializes in the purchase, sales, and brokerage of classic cars.
MotorCar soon hopes to scale across the country.

Miller believes the company’s early success comes from the fact that all principals share a genuine passion for cars. “This enthusiasm allows us to really give customers what they need,” Miller said. Plus, he discovered the school’s Blackstone LaunchPad program.
“Their advice allowed me to work through a lot of problems at the start and get the company to where it is now,” Miller said.
Blackstone LaunchPad’s staff helped him to develop the infrastructure, design a clear go-to-market strategy, and fine-tune the value systems, as well as provided resources for sales processes and production delivery.
In particular, Miller said he owes a special thanks to Winnie Glover, Temple’s director of strategic research communications. “She was the first person I met with at Blackstone LaunchPad, and ever since then, she has been there for me,” he said. “If I ever get frustrated or am having a bad day, I stop by and she gets me to see clearly and through whatever issues there are.”
Glover shares a mutual respect for Miller, saying the company’s vision and impactful storytelling capabilities can lead to groundbreaking work.
“I just made sure that my staff and I encouraged Calvin to follow his passions and his dreams turned to reality,” she said. “Calvin is a true innovator and disruptor. They have a lot of great ideas, and I’m looking forward to what’s next.”
Blackstone LaunchPad Philadelphia supports student entrepreneurship in the Greater Philadelphia region through a partnership between Philadelphia University, Temple University and the University City Science Center.

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