MICA handpicked 7 design events you won’t want to miss during Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast

The Baltimore-based school is a first-time Philly Tech Week sponsor. Here are seven events Vice Provost of Open Studies David Gracyalny is looking forward to and why.

MICA has been working with since the site expanded to Baltimore in late 2012.

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What does a 21st century design program look like?

We’re exploring exactly that at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, where I work to grow our Open Studies programs. It’s no new endeavor. MICA has been exploring how innovation changes what we do, both as artists and educators, for nearly two centuries.

We’ve worked with since it expanded to Baltimore in 2012, and we’re proud to be a first-time sponsor of Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast. MICA’s online professional graduate programs, delivered in just 15 months, can help innovators and entrepreneurs accelerate their careers while maintaining a work-life balance.

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This year, we took a deep look at the Philly Tech Week calendar and handpicked a few of our favorite events for the week. There are over 100 events to choose from, but here are the seven we’re looking forward to most (and why):

1. Empathy Hack Workshop: At the Intersection of Art and Society

MICA believes that design — its creation, prototyping and implementation — is conducted with the user in mind, and therefore requires that a designer or developer cultivate empathy as part of the process toward delivering effective user experiences to diverse populations.

2. Startup Advice: Planning Your MVP

In addition to teaching students solid design principles, MICA faculty are professionals in their fields and understand the importance of focus groups, marketing and demographics and psychographics. MICA students can also compete for up to $25,000 in startup funds.

3. Design Thinking: A Human-Centered Approach to Innovation

In addition to three online professional graduate programs, MICA partners with Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School for a residential, dual MA/MBA program in design leadership. Students learn to think like a designer to solve complex business challenges.


4. Win Over Executives with Data Visualizations

MICA was one of the first institutions of higher education to offer a graduate degree at the crossroads of data analysis and graphic design. Information visualization students, whether they primarily come from a design or analytics background, learn to create visual narratives that convey information more effectively to more people.

5. Design Slam

Just like this slam’s goal to solve a design challenge faced by a local organization, MICA places a priority on partnering with businesses and corporations in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. corridor for internships, projects and contractual work where our students have a direct impact.

6. Digital’s New Role in Education Marketing & Outreach

In addition to offering robust educational content in learning management systems like Canvas, Kannu and Adobe Connect, MICA’s institutional communications unit is developing an array of digital marketing strategies all in an effort to best facilitate students’ experiences.

7. Career Changers Panel and Happy Hour

The entire objective of MICA’s professional graduate programs is to equip industry leaders with the tools necessary to alter or accelerate their careers. One of the perks of being a MICA student, even if your education is conducted largely online, is full access to the institution’s career development resources.

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