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MICA picked 5 not-to-miss events during Baltimore Innovation Week

The arts college is a sponsor of Baltimore Innovation Week. Here are a handful of events Vice Provost of Open Studies David Gracyalny is looking forward to and why.

MICA has been working with since the site expanded to Baltimore in late 2012.

This is a guest post by Maryland Institute College of Art's (MICA) David Gracyalny. MICA is a sponsor of Baltimore Innovation Week 2017.

At the Maryland Institute College of Art, where I work in the growing programs for MICA Open Studies, we’re exploring what a design education can be in the 21st century.

MICA is one of the country’s premiere colleges of art and design college, and we’re always exploring how innovation changes what we do–as artists and educators.
We’ve worked with since it expanded to Baltimore in late 2012, and we’re proud to return as a sponsor of Baltimore Innovation Week. MICA’s online professional graduate programs, delivered in just 15 months, can help innovators and entrepreneurs accelerate their careers while maintaining a work-life balance.
This year, we took a look at the full BIW calendar to share a few of our favorite event picks for the week, and why we’re excited about them.

Inside the Black Box: How Secret Algorithms Control Health, Finance, & Justice

  • As an institution concerned about the city in which we live, work and learn, MICA is part of a holistic effort to address matters of public health and social justice. This event – intended for a broad audience of the general public – will be a unique opportunity to discuss how algorithms affect personal finance, public health and criminal justice. Technology experts will discuss both the perils of these tools and potential ways people can protect themselves against unaccountable algorithms.

A Sound Future: with Sarah Ellison, Aaron Henkin, Stacia Brown, and Dan Rodricks

  • The profundity of podcasts! Join past MICA Design Leadership MBA/MA faculty member and award-winning “Out of the Blocks” producer Aaron Henkin–along with Stacia Brown, Sarah Ellison, and Dan Rodricks–for a deep dive into what makes for a great podcast. From storytelling to branding, this rapidly growing media platform is the space to be in.

The Teaching With Technology Conference 2017 (MPI)

  • In MICA’s online graduate programs, faculty teach with technology to explore the intersection of design, entrepreneurship, and technology. This conference is not to be missed by anyone working in the space–online or face-to-face–where technology is pivotal for delivering educational content and achieving pedagogical objectives.

BIW17 Innovation Celebration

  • Come say “Hi!” to MICA at the Innovation Celebration on Friday night to conclude this fantastic week of events and talks. Hang out, network, and learn who will be named winners of the 5th annual Baltimore Innovation Awards for standout performances in tech and innovation.

But wait, BIW isn’t over yet…

Adobe Workshop: Building Your Online Brand

  • On Saturday afternoon, head over to the amazing Open Works makerspace on Greenmount Avenue where Chana Messer will show designers how easy it is to share work directly from your favorite Creative Cloud apps, build your presence, create an online portfolio, find an audience, and get noticed. Design might be your business, but do you know the business of design? Learn here!
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