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Maryland self-parking startup STEER Tech is bringing its autonomous capabilities to DropCar

The two companies are debuting the partnership at CES.

STEER Tech has been testing in Maryland. (Courtesy photo)

Out in Las Vegas, the annual consumer tech confab known as CES is getting underway as the week begins.

Along with a chance to check out lots and lots of gadgets to start the year, the big stage of event also serves as platform for plenty of announcements.

A Columbia–based startup working on self-parking technology in cars is among those looking to make a splash.

Along with attending the event, STEER Tech said Monday it is entering a new partnership with New York–based DropCar, which offers app-based parking and valet services.

As we’ve reported, STEER Tech is developing a system that can provide autonomous capabilities to a vehicle for the purposes of parking. Drivers can leave a car, and the system within the vehicle takes care of finding an open space and parking.

Through the agreement, STEER Tech capabilities will be DropCar’s Mobility Cloud platform. The goal is to provide a single destination for companies with groups of vehicles to manage mobility. DropCar CEO Spencer Richardson said STEER Tech “brings that capability to activate and add an autonomous layer to our service.”

“DropCar’s trusted logistics platform for tier-one mobility programs and large group of consumers that subscribe directly to their mobile app for parking and personal chauffeur services will all benefit from the STEER – DropCar partnership,” STEER Tech CEO Anuja Sonalker said in a statement. “Our technology can be a critical part of extending the value of these programs to include the benefits of fully autonomous vehicles in a stepwise manner.”

Locally, BWI Airport is hosting site demonstrations for the company. It’s also signed to provide the technology at the forthcoming Merriweather District in Columbia.


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