Mailstrom: ‘Inbox Zero’ web app has processed 80 million e-mails [VIDEO]

For the 'Inbox Zero' efficiency tool from Canton-based 410 Labs, close to 30 servers have processed more than 80 million imported email messages. The waiting list for the Mailstrom beta app is now 6,000 people long.

More than 300 million e-mails have been imported since 410 Labs released the beta version of its inbox-cleaning web app, Mailstrom, last June.
Thanks to a Lifehacker article about the web app published in February, Mailstrom has grown from 6,000 users to about 30,000 users in roughly three weeks’ time. Close to 30 servers have processed more than 80 million of those imported inbox messages. The waiting list for the Mailstrom beta app is now 6,000 people long.

“We’re chewing through that [waiting list] as quickly as we can,” said 410 Labs cofounder Dave Troy. “We’re targeting additional investors. It feels good to make something that seems to be meeting a real demand.”
Sign up for a Mailstrom account here.
As Technically Baltimore reported last summer, Mailstrom helps users achieve “Inbox Zero” by syncing with any e-mail account that utilizes IMAP, analyzing the contents of inbox messages by sender, subject and size, among other variables, and organizing those messages according to prompts delivered by a user. (For instance, this Technically Baltimore reporter uses Mailstrom with his Gmail account to archive and move messages from my inbox to other folders.)
Troy said that soon the 410 Labs team will introduce a subscription model to Mailstrom, something “more like Evernote or Dropbox.”
A free version with “a limited amount of utility” will remain. A separate version, with either a monthly or annual fee attached, will involve additional features, including perhaps an “all-mail” mode that will allow Mailstrom users to access, rearrange and organize all their e-mails.
“A lot of people want to be able to go in and analyze their all mail and rearrange that and do stuff to it,” Troy said. “That’s something we can do.”
For now, processing inbox e-mails through Mailstrom continues to be the emphasis for 410 Labs.
“We’re really just focused on making sure we’re delivering a good experience for people and maximing utility, and optimizing things that people might pay for,” said Troy.
Watch Dave Troy present Mailstrom at Baltimore TechBreakfast:

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