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Lyft goes statewide to outmaneuver Uber

Instead of sticking to Maryland's big metros, you can now get a Lyft anywhere in the state.

A photo from Lyft's press kit. (Courtesy photo)

Lyft is heading into more areas of Maryland with a new expansion.
According to the AP, Maryland is among the states where the ridesharing company will now offer statewide coverage. That means Lyft is available anywhere in Maryland, as opposed to specific markets.
In all, the company extended statewide service including rural areas to 32 more states. It’s being billed as a move to compete with the much bigger (yet crisis-riddenUber. From the AP:

For Lyft, the expansion is a bold move into unserved areas and a gamble that it can carve new markets out of even the most rural areas that have ride-hailing needs but no consistent service. Until now, using a smartphone to summon a ride mainly was reserved for larger metropolitan areas with a lot of people and more potential riders.

Legally speaking, the company is allowed to operate in all of Maryland after the state passed ridesharing regulations in 2015.

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