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Looking for something new? Dive in to these 7 tech job openings

On the Market is back with a chance to work at the National Aquarium and lead development at a young startup.

Chromis cyanea, pictured at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. (Photo by Flickr user Brian Gratwicke, used under a Creative Commons license)

On the Market is a column where we highlight noteworthy job openings and the people who are lookin’. Got a submission? Email us and tell us why it belongs in the roundup.

Arbit is hiring a Lead Full Stack Web Developer.

Following its recent equity crowdfunding raise, the startup based at ETC’s 33rd St. campus is looking to grow its social polling platform to help brands conduct market research. According to a job description, the full-time role involves leading a team and qualifications include experience with React, Elixir and Postgres.

The National Aquarium is hiring a Web Developer and Designer.

Along with housing marine life, Inner Harbor’s National Aquarium has plenty of digital offerings. The Aquarium is seeking a developer to work on desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps. The person will “be a part of the entire project life cycle, from sketches, conceptual wireframes to high fidelity designs and their development,” according to a job description.

ETC is hiring a Marketing and Community Coordinator.

The city-backed incubator and coworking space is seeking a new team member to lead efforts in the community – both IRL and digitally. According to a job description, the role includes managing event coordination, as well as parts of its website and social media channels.

Atlas Container Corporation is hiring IT Associates.

The Severn-based corrugated manufacturer has openings dealing in “computer ops, maintenance, user support (hardware and software), and data management,” according to a job description.
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