Lime just released its new escooter model in DC

The Gen 3 model from the San Francisco-based transportation company features bigger wheels, an aluminum frame, two-sided front wheel suspension and multi-modal braking.

House of Representatives Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton riding a Lime escooter near Capitol Hill.

(Courtesy photo)

San Francisco-based Lime, formerly LimeBike, rolled out its Gen 3 Lime-S escooter model in D.C. on Nov. 14.

Lime is a transportation company that operates escooters, ebikes and normal pedal bikes throughout major U.S. cities. It first put its escooters on D.C. streets early last year when the District Department of Transportation expanded its dockless pilot program.

Lime’s new escooter model features bigger wheels, an aluminum frame, two-sided front wheel suspension and multi-modal braking. The company prides its new escooter model on being safer, more durable and sustainable all while providing a better rider experience.

“We built this scooter to cruise on urban terrain with ease,” said Eastern U.S. Communications Manager Russell Murphy in an email. “Lime is relentless in pushing the boundaries of innovation and will continue to iterate models and improve features based on rider and Juicer feedback to ensure the most comfortable, durable and safest scooter on the market.”

The company reports that its Gen 3 escooters now have a 10-inch diameter wheel — older models have wheels with an eight-inch diameter — to improve stability and smoothness during rides. This model has an updated battery capacity, extending its range by 50% which is equivalent to 30 miles longer. Some parts of the escooter are waterproof to further protect from rain and snow.

For navigation, Gen 3 escooters are equipped with a Wi-Fi-enhanced location technique for better GPS accuracy. The escooters have a colored display screen that feature’s a rider’s speed, battery, status and more. Lime also said that Gen 3 escooters were designed to allow easier repair and reuse of its parts.

One of the coolest new features, in this reporter’s opinion, is the LED status light strip below the display screen that visible from far away. This LED light will inform riders of the status of a scooter’s charge without having to check in the app, Lime reports.

Murphy told that 300 Gen 3 escooters have been deployed in the District over the past two days. He said the older escooter models will be fully replaced by early 2020, but they are still available for use now.


Ahead of the launch, Lime held a class on Wednesday, Nov.13, to demo the new escooter model. The class invited members of Congress and staffers to try out scooters, including basic steps to familiarize them with the scooter, how to start a ride, how to comfortably use the throttle and brakes and how to park a scooter properly once a ride is complete. House of Representatives Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and U.S. Representative for Illinois Rodney Davis were in attendance to test out the new tech.

Eight companies have dockless vehicles on D.C.’s streets right now as part of an ongoing pilot: Lime, Bird, Bolt, Jump, Lyft, Razor, Skip, and Spin.

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