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Let’s take a closer look at the best swag from NET/WORK Baltimore

Our Snapchat Swag Report is here to tell you which free stuff was the finest.

A selfie taken with a giveaway selfie stick in a clearly demarcated "No selfie zone." ? (Photo by Zack Seward via Snapchat)

The 25 companies at last night’s NET/WORK Baltimore tech jobs fair were looking to hire creative, talented workers.
So it makes sense that they were looking to stand out with some ingenuity at their tables. The companies brought plenty of branded swag to send the job seekers home with something to remember.
There can be a lot to navigate, so Editor-in-Chief Zack Seward laced up his gumshoes and pounded the pavement for the latest, greatest edition of our sneakily-popular Snapchat Swag Report.
Here it is, extracted from the depths of Snapchat and thrown onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure:

The end of the video also includes the handing out of our first-ever, v prestigious NET/WORK Awards. Read about the winners here.


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