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Phorum 2018.

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Today, it could be said that every company is a tech company.

Maybe you don’t build drones or cyber security software, but undoubtedly, your company uses digital tools and services to communicate with customers to enhance supply chain efficiency, or to gather and analyze data, or to protect sensitive information.

In essence, technology has become like air: It’s all around us and breathes new life and potential into any business. From a competitive standpoint, it’s become essential for business leaders to understand emerging tech trends and learn how to implement them into every facet of their organization.

That said, access to education on embracing emerging technology doesn’t always fit into a typical day in the C-suite.

Therefore, with a mission to help organizations thrive in the face of digital disruption, the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) presents its annual Essential Enterprise Technology Conference: Phorum 2019 at SugarHouse Event Center on April 4.

The information-rich, one-day event brings together enterprise executives and emerging technologists for an interactive deep dive into the transformative impact of digital disruption.

“This event offers exposure to the technology side, but also to the human side of digital enterprise,” said Scott Snyder, partner of digital and innovation at Heidrick Consulting. “New technology is often thrown on leaders who have yet to implement anything like it before or develop a tech-first mindset. We share how organizations are absorbing this new technology and the impact it has made, exposing leaders to tech disruptors and enterprises that have already disrupted themselves. The human elements, leadership, talent and culture are critical to pulling this off.”

The unique collaboration between enterprise executives and entrepreneurs makes Phorum unlike any other tech conference, Snyder said.

“More than ever, these two parties have to come together,” he said. “Established companies are sitting on valuable assets, such as their existing customer base and data, and don’t always realize what they have or how to unlock it. Meanwhile, most tech startups don’t have the reach or access of large companies. This conference exposes large companies to the power of working with cutting-edge startups, catching them up to the pace of digital, and in turn introduces startups to the needs of larger players, accelerating their ability to scale. It’s the perfect conference to to explore reinventing  enterprises in the digital era.”


Covering themes in emerging technology, hyper-personalized experiences, and digital and AI talent, Phorum is designed for impact and interaction. Content ranges from keynote speeches by innovative leaders like Salesforce VP of Strategic Research Peter Coffee, lightning-talk panels featuring success stories from both new entrants and established enterprises, an interactive demo pit showcasing emerging tech, and plenty of opportunities for breakout sessions and networking.

The event will also feature a talk on Financial Times’ February book of the month, “Goliath’s Revenge: How Established Companies Turn the Tables on Digital Disruptors,” co-authored by Snyder and Todd Hewlin. As a keynote speaker, Hewlin will share the book’s coveted “six rules that separate winners from losers in the age of digital disruption” in person.

“This isn’t just about tech companies getting together,” said PACT President and CEO Dean Miller. “We see C-level leaders coming from traditional, non-tech sectors because they want to digitally enable their organization. There’s not a C-level individual that this isn’t relevant to.”

If you’re a C-level leader looking to lead the digital transformation within your enterprise, register for the conference here. Entrepreneurs and educators can register at the same link for a discounted rate of $99 to attend (regularly $249).

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