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Watch as these 9 startups launch products during Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast

What does launch day look like for a five-year-old startup? Get yourself to Ticketleap's Out to Launch on Monday, May 1, and find out.

At the new Museum of the American Revolution in Old City, where Ticketleap's Out to Launch will take place. (Photo courtesy of Bluecadet)
We have a thing for puns at Ticketleap.

“We’re putting together an event during Philly Tech Week where nine companies launch new products. It takes place at noon and includes a lunch. What should we call it?”

I heard through the grapevine that Phill Gaudreau, one of our top punners (he would go on to win a snack-naming pun contest the following week), came up with “Let’s Do Launch” and “Out to Launch.” It was one of those tough calls you have to make as CEO. Rachel Robbins, who is organizing the event from our team, and I agreed: Out to Launch it is.

The idea was originally conceived as a more typical launch party for Port, our second ever product and the one we’re debuting at the event on Monday. But after struggling to visualize the type of event we wanted, we had the idea to see if we could get some other companies to launch along with us. It’d take a new format. Like a startup launch event, but, from companies at any stage. As long as they had a new innovation to share.

It was the easiest thing we’ve ever sold. Almost everyone we reached out to with the idea replied within minutes. Usually with the same simple response: “We’re in.” I really think that speaks to the strength of our community and the degree to which everyone is innovating. No one was waiting around to make sure others thought it was cool before they committed nor did they scratch their head in search of something to unveil. They connected with the idea and were just “in.”

Great companies too. I’m looking forward to showing off our new product on stage and am also looking forward to sitting in the audience to watch Roar, Blackfynn, Gameplan, Stimulus, Boost Linguistics, Stitch, and Guru do the same!

When we set out to design the event page, we put into practice some advice I got from Chris Savage, CEO at Wistia. Few are better at video marketing then Wistia themselves — acting as a showcase for their product. I met up with Chris a few years ago and his advice was to do the same at Ticketleap — when we use our own product: showcase it! We tried to put together an event page we were proud of. Bob Horan, a designer on our marketing team, got to work designing the page in Webflow, and, we’re really pleased with the result: Hoagie favicon and all. (Editor’s note: Totally missed the hoagie favicon. Boss.)

So, click that button below and grab your ticket (sold using our new product, Port). We’d love to have you and we think it will get your Philly Tech Week off to a great start on Monday.

Tickets are $10 and the event is from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the new Museum of the American Revolution in Old City.

Companies: Ticketleap

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