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The latest from Kotaro Fujita: a trio of flashy sticker packs for iOS

Get 'em while they're hot.

Put these masks on your friends. (Courtesy image)

One Philly-based dev put together a trio of iMessage sticker packs that gives Brooklyn a run for its money.
You may remember Kotaro Fujita as the maker of Retro Sparkle (that Candy Crush of sorts), or the organizer of iOS conference CocoaLove. But this time the South Philly iOS whiz is back at it with three super-duper sticker packs.
“Art is my first love,” Fujita told in an email. “This allows me to focus on creating art again. Its also very cool working with artists to make cool stickers packs and seeing people appreciate their work as much as I have.”
Fujita also said the whole sticker pack situation makes for an easy entry point for aspiring developers. Likely he’s not the only Philly dev putting one of these together, so check back for more local sticker fun.

In the meantime, have some fun with these:

1. Super Level Awesome Masks (S.L.A.M)

Geeky name aside, this pack lets you snap masks on you and your friends (a la Snapchat filters).

Check out my sick mask, Erika. (Courtesy photo)

Check out my sick mask, Erika. (Courtesy photo)

Download for iOS

2. Phamsters

As per the App Store description: “Love hamsters? Love them doing funny and cute things? Love them in funny costumes? This could be the sticker pack for you!”
This pack was developed in partnership with Philly-based artist Bryan Pham (Phamsters, get it?). Perch them on your shoulders or pepper them across the screen.

Phamsters milling about.

Phamsters milling about.

Download for iOS

3. Watercolors by Jen Tracy

As we told you before, this sticker pack was born from a Philly Dev Night sesh. In partnership with local artist Jen Tracy, this pack lets users react with finer art than the poop emoji.

Someone sent Kate a piranha.

Someone sent Kate a piranha. (Courtesy photo)

Download for iOS


Look for more sticker packs from local artists and from Fujita himself.
“My ultimate goal is to progressively make more complex and engaging iMessage apps/games in the near future,” Fujita said. “I have a few cool ideas in the pipeline and its been a lot of fun working on them,” said.
Are you a Philly dev/designer with a sticker pack of your own? Hit us up.


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