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Hadouken! Kid Hazo’s new mural puts you inside Street Fighter and is awesome

Do your best Ryu impersonation for a chance to win a custom mural from Wallsome.

The ever-elusive Kid Hazo hurls a fireball at Jawnka. (Courtesy photo)

Here’s your chance to throw a badass fireball like Ryu and slay dastardly Amazonian beast Blanka. Wait, check that: It’s actually Blanka’s distant Philly cousin, Jawnka.
The Street Fighter-inspired mural is the latest work of resident Philly trickster Kid Hazo, created in partnership with Replica Creative’s Wallsome service. The installation is for Philly Tech Week 2016 presented by Comcast and it is awesome.


Hadouken! (Photo courtesy of Replica Creative)

For last year’s Philly Tech Week, Kid Hazo shamed the selfie-obsessed masses with his #SelfieZone contest.
This year’s installation is also a contest.
You can win a free custom mural for your home or office simply by snapping a picture of the mural and tagging @technical_ly, @wallsome (Instagram only), @kidHazo and #mywallsome on either Instagram or Twitter.
You have until Friday, May 6 at 10 p.m. to defeat Jawnka. The mural is located at the University City Science Center near 37th and Market. Go! Go! Go!
People are already having a ball with the installation:
Kid Hazo's Street Fighter mural.

(Photo courtesy of Replica Creative)

Kid Hazo's Street Fighter mural.

(Photo courtesy of Replica Creative)

Companies: Replica Creative / University City Science Center

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