Where this crafty events manager will be during Philly Tech Week

For anyone out there with an interest in hardware, the arts and marketing, you should follow our Events Manager Kate Leshko during the 2014 Philly Tech Week Presented by AT&T.

There are more than 110 events on the calendar for the fourth annual Philly Tech Week 2014 presented by AT&T (April 4-12). That’s overwhelming. So with just 9 days until it all goes down, we’ll be sharing the calendar from one of our team members to give you a sense of where you might want to be.

For anyone out there with an interest in hardware, the arts and marketing, you should follow our Events Manager Kate Leshko.

NAME: Kate Leshko

OCCUPATION: Events Manager

AGE: 27

INTERESTS: makers, marketing, creative arts, crafting and events with treats


Headshot by Philadelphia photographer Colin Lenton

Headshot by Philadelphia photographer Colin Lenton.
  • Friday April 4, 7-10:30: Arcade at the Oval — I DOMINATED Tetris on my Gameboy so I’m hoping for a chance to play, and a high score on Cira Center Tetris. After I play 20+ local games, I’m parking myself in the Yards Beer Garden and listening to a live set from Cheap Dinosaurs.
  • Dev Day: Saturday (April 5, 10:30AM- 6:30) — I’m psyched to take a deep dive into learning a new dev skill at this half-day workshop. Hardest part was deciding which workshop (out of 7) to go to! BONUS: Little Baby’s afternoon ice cream break
  • Media Day (Tuesday April 7, 11:30-8) — I’m heading to Northern Liberties and camping out for a full day of programming. Start it off by brushing up on my PR chops, then hear from some big dogs in the marketing world (AT&T, Free People, Seer!). Then, off to the Piazza for to watch a free documentary on Philly’s history.
  • Business Day (Wednesday April 9, 8-8) — I’m headed to #Failfest for a little encouragement. Looking forward to hearing amazingly successful folks have had their share of bottoming out. I also heard there’s going to be snacks.
  • Hive 76 DIY Music Night (Thurs April 10, 6-10PM) — Headed to Hive 76 to turn the volume up on PTW. I haven’t been to the space in years, curious to check out current projects and hear the latest tunes
  • Philly Tech Week Signature Event (Friday April 11, 7-10) — If I had a professional bucket list, throwing an event in the lobby of Comcast could be on it. My goal leading up to this event? Get filmed at another tech week event, so my mug shows up on the Comcast big screen when we show a wrap video!


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