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This startup wants to change networking with video profiles

iZoomIn, expected to release next month, is looking to create a social network for ideas, said cofounder Mima Firdaws.

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After building PR campaigns, studying personal branding and obtaining a Master’s from American University, Mima Firdaws knew that her number one passion centered in public relations. So when a friend, Amine Kriem, approached her about a social networking platform centered on video content, Firdaws dove in head-first. Why?

Simply put, “It is about the people,” said Firdaws.

Kriem and Firdaws now serve as the cofounders of iZoomIn, a social networking platform that centers on video profiles to build a more effective networking or marketing platform.

But wait—can’t we use Instagram for that? Technically, yes, but let’s be real the ‘Gram was designed to capture and share the world’s moments.

“iZoomIn is not a platform to rate your popularity or acquire followers, rather it’s a platform to promote your game changing idea,” Firdaws told

Firdaws isn’t too worried about crossover competition or any social media fatigue as video content becomes an increasingly vital way to promote ventures and ideas.

The Arlington, Va.–based company’s focus centers on those with a particular message interested in bringing change to an industry or market. Ideally, the app will have a significant impact for startups, particularly at networking events.

iZoomIn app homepage (courtesy photo).

iZoomIn app homepage (courtesy photo).

Imagine walking into your next Meetup with dozens of new potential connections. At large events, it can become difficult to remember everyone’s pitches and ideas. Business cards can be helpful, but if you can’t connect that person to memory, chances are that card is going in the trash.

According to Firdaws, iZoomIn users can dynamically connect people with their projects and ideas. The app provides access to virtual pitches and resumes, facilitation for offline meetings, and uses a search engine to find potential connections via various filters including industry and location.

Essentially, those cold opens of the past are looking to get a lot warmer.

“The app bridges the gap between reading someone’s profile online and meeting them in person,” Firdaws said. “Professionals can network efficiently and have a better sense of who they are approaching. We make networking very efficient and to the point.”

But don’t be too quick to label iZoomIn as just a mere digital business card. Firdaws and Kriem see the app’s capacities expanding for use at tradeshows and events, as well as even more traditional print publications, like yearbooks.

Currently, the iZoomIn app is going through the last stages of development and UX design and Firdaws said that we can look for to the beta version’s debut later next month.


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