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Itr8group is publicly documenting its latest software build

It's a day-to-day video series called “The Road to SyncQL.” Oh, and the software is set to launch in time for Delaware Innovation Week.

itr8group cofounder Rory Laitila. (Screenshot)

Rory Laitila, cofounder of Wilmington-based software development startup itr8group, must really want that Delaware Innovation Award his company’s weekly newsletter has been nominated for.
The startup is currently building some new software called SyncQL, a SQL database platform designed for third-party API integrations for business applications. But itr8group is not doing it traditionally. Instead, Laitila is documenting the entire build publicly via a new video series appropriately dubbed “The Road to SyncQL.”
Laitila has set a six-week deadline for the build, intentionally falling on the first day of Delaware Innovation Week. Needless to say, we’re flattered.
Laitila said that every post will have a one-minute introduction overviewing the build’s progress, followed by in-depth 3-5 minute videos on product development, business development and technology. There will also be supplemental content showcasing innovation in technology in Wilmington.
Laitila said the idea was born on a walk to his headquarters at the coIN Loft.

“The itr8minute has been really successful and continues to get interest long after a post is released, and we were thinking of how we could start to build a community prior to the product actually being launched,” said Laitila. “The idea struck me to detail the entire product creation process from start to finish, then when I realized we had just a couple of months until Delaware Innovation Week, it seemed the obvious opportunity to set a deadline.”
The result, said Laitila, a “crazy idea” to publicly build the core software in six weeks — regardless of whether the process succeeds or fails.

Here’s the first video from the series:

Check out the full series

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