Looking back on the second season of investor education podcast Off the Sidelines

The series produced by and sponsored by Project Entrepreneur, a program by UBS, examines how to become (and stay) a better investor. Here's what we learned in season two.

Off the Sidelines is an investor education podcast.

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Four months ago, investor education podcast Off the Sidelines returned for a second season. Produced by us at and sponsored by Project Entrepreneur, a program by UBS, these 10 episodes explored how the systems and institutions of investing are changing, and how to accelerate that change in a positive direction.

Project Entrepreneur partnered with on this series to advance its mission to change the status quo for female founders and accelerate their growth through increasing access to capital and building ecosystems to advance women entrepreneurs. Its goal is to improve the enabling environments for female founders and advance inclusive capital, with a targeted focus on investment readiness and building bridges to funders, as well as diversifying the pipeline of investors and supporters.

Advertisement CEO and host Chris Wink and journalists from the newsroom spoke with investors and experts on topics like alternative funding options for equitable wealth creation, what philanthropy and venture capital can teach each other, what white investors can do to combat racial inequality and more. We heard from folks like Rethink Impact’s Jenny Abramson, The Community Fund’s Lolita Taub, VC Del Johnson and “How I Built This” host Guy Raz.

Listen to the season recap episode below featuring highlights, themes and takeaways, then dive into previous episodes for the full interviews.

That’s it for the second season of Off the Sidelines, but you can always listen back to previous episodes for more conversations with notable figures throughout the investing world. Click below to subscribe and keep up to date when new episodes premiere, and please leave a review if you’ve enjoyed the series.

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