How InSiteHub is taking gamification to the next level

The startup's Brain Loop app is meant to make workplace training fun.

Be careful what you open.

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In case you haven’t noticed, gaming is hardly child’s play these days. App-based games are becoming as much a part of all-ages learning as they are for mindless fun, and Wilmington’s InSiteHub is establishing itself as an innovator in the field.
But first a definition of terms. When we say gaming, we don’t mean old-fashioned cubicle solitaire breaks, or even a few rounds of Punch Club on your phone — though the latter is getting warmer.
We already know about InSiteHub’s ConnectHub — an interactive sales coaching platform (and winner of the 2015 Delaware Innovation Award for best Web/ Mobile Product). Now with Brain Loop the company is offering a fully-customizable app that businesses can use to help employees learn and maintain necessary information.

InSiteHub's Brain Loop.

InSiteHub’s Brain Loop. (Courtesy image)

While ConnectHub allows managers to directly interact with salespeople via mobile app, the new gamification tool Brian Loop turns workplace training into an attention-holding — maybe even “addictive” — game.
“Gamification shows a high rate of knowledge retention,” said John Royer, managing director at InSiteHub, which is based out of 1313 Innovation. “It’s a natural activity for people, especially millennials.”
In many ways, Brain Loop is similar to a mobile trivia game, with features unique to the business using it, such as:


  • Custom logos and branding
  • An initial set of questions and answers from the company are loaded by InSiteHub, and which may be updated at any later time
  • Teams may be loaded to allow, for example, new hires or a specific department to play against each other via the app
  • Employees have the option of playing alone or with other employees
  • Employees earn badges, which may be used as part of a company reward system, when levels are completed
  • The app creates a leaderboard, fostering competition

With gaming apps such as Brain Loop in high demand, competition is growing. But where many other gaming training apps stand alone, InSiteHub hopes Brain Loop fits into the “full life cycle” of its products.
“People can use what they’ve learned in the game,” said Royer, “and then the coaching platform can be used based on those results.”
Brain Loop has applications in higher education as well. “We’re doing a pilot right now for Delaware Community College,” Royer said. ”For night school students, who don’t have as much time to reflect and study as traditional college students, this application is something students can fit into their lives while reinforcing information fresh between classes.”
The B2B app, developed with the help of University of Delaware students in the Spin In program, is ready to roll out to businesses and schools.

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