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Here’s what 15 hiring companies said about NET/WORK

“We've been to other fairs, which have been a waste of time. This has been a lot better.”

The calm before the storm. A few job seekers got a leg up by coming early to NET/WORK. (Photo by Melissa DiPento)

At Delaware’s first NET/WORK jobs fair, dozens of local tech companies met with job seekers. The event drew hundreds of seasoned candidates, as well as many University of Delaware students.
The event was held at the UD’s Venture Development Center, home of the school’s Horn Program in Entrepreneurship.
“The event had a positive impact on students with varying disciplines,” said Stefanie Spatola, assistant director of the Venture Development Center. “It gave them the chance to meet face-to-face with tech companies in Delaware, which are actually hiring.”
Here’s what staff from each of the hiring companies had to say about the event:
Company: AppJaxx
Location: Doylestown, Pa.
What they do: Build mobile apps and help companies acquire users
“I enjoyed meeting a diverse group of people and seeing how many different kinds of people are looking for technology work,” said Josh Detweiler.
Company: The Archer Group
Location: Wilmington
What they do: Creative design agency
“The event went well and we’re very excited for the turnout,” said Todd Miller. “There’s great diversity among talent. We’re a fun culture. We have big clients that demand a lot from us.”
Company: Capital One
Location: Wilmington
What they do: Holding company specializing in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings products
“I enjoy meeting new people. Any opportunity to get to interact with the future of our society — what a good way to go. They’re the future customer and employees,” said Sam Binder. “It was a home run.”
Company: Carvertise
Location: Wilmington
What they do: An advertising company that brings together car drivers and companies looking to advertise
“There was good talent here, and of course, good pizza,” said Greg Starr. “It was good to get the community together to promote the rising startup community in Delaware. We know there’s interest and a demand.”
Company: Cnverg
Location: Wilmington/Philadelphia
What they do: Touchscreen solutions for businesses
“Because we’re one of the only companies [here] connected to hardware, we saw a lot of engineers. We met software engineers and a good cross section of people in business development and marketing,” said Richard Prieto. “We persevered and continue to grow and we’re at our next stage of growth and looking to hire full-time people.”
Company: Endevor
Location: Greenville
What they do: Software development company
“We’ve been to other fairs, which have been a waste of time. This has been a lot better,” said Matt Dixon.
Company: Extreme Scale Solutions
Location: Wilmington
What they do: High-performance computing, big data, data analysis, pattern discovery, visualization, software development and performance tuning
“We’re looking for an intern in stats and automation and full-time jobs in the same areas,” said Rishi Khan. “[We met a few people for] a few roles that might be a good fit.”
Company: Inc Now
Location: Wilmington
What they do: A family owned and operated agent that has been providing fast, easy and reliable incorporation services to business owners around the world since 1974
“Wonderful event! We had a great time networking and met some really interesting candidates who have lots of potential,” said John L. Williams.
Company: ITWorks
Location: Wilmington/Philadelphia
What they do: Help young urban adults (18-24) move into careers in IT
“We’ve met great people getting ready to graduate and make a difference,” said Becca Johnson.
Company: OnCourse
Location: Media, Pa.
What they do: K-12 educational, web-based software
“I thought the students showed lots of promise,” said Rich Gottlieb. OnCourse, which was founded in 2002, is hiring for dev positions.
Company: RegDesk
Location: Bear
What they do: A marketplace for matching biotech and device companies with freelancing regulatory expertise around the world
“We met a plethora of people to talk to,” said Drita Dogjani.
Company: SevOne
Location: Newark
What they do: Management software company
“It was an awesome event,” said Stan Ivanov. “We definitely connected with people of all different backgrounds, not just students, but people with more experience, too.”
Company: Squatch Creative
Location: Wilmington
What they do: Video production, graphic design and web development
“We definitely met some good people,” said Mike Gracie. “We saw a diverse student body and saw people with more experience. We’re always looking for talent. We’re looking for a multifaceted employee. All employees wear a lot of hats.”
Company: WebLinc
Location: Philadelphia
What they do: Ecommerce platform and services provider
“It was far more successful than I thought it would be,” said Ryan Amaya, whose company is hiring a Ruby on Rails designer, an operation engineer, a front-end engineer and a UX designer. “And we found a few people we really want to follow up with.”
Company: 1313 Innovation
Location: Wilmington
What they do: An innovation space connecting business leaders and universities to build a better Wilmington
“We have a new initiative where we’re offering six months of free office space for a University of Delaware graduate starting a new business,” said Megan Anthony.

Companies: Capital One / Carvertise / 1313 Innovation / RegDesk / Cnverg (formerly MUNI-Tech) / Squatch Creative / Archer Group / University of Delaware

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