Of course Allen & Gerritsen made a playful lil Thanksgiving project jawn

Meet the “Interactive Turkey Handprint.”

The devs at Allen & Gerritsen’s A&G Labs division wanted to spice up the company Thanksgiving potluck so they whipped up a turkey-tastic interactive display.
Using motion capture gear and the Unity software platform, the team built a colorful turkey animation controlled by users’ hand movements. The “Interactive Turkey Handprint,” they call it.
“We developed the project in less than 24 hours,” said Mike Bodenberger, innovation lead at A&G Labs, in an email. “We didn’t build it for a specific client, but we’re always working with our clients to create awesome interactive experiences [like this].
Here’s a live demo:

The company made the code for the doodad available on GitHub, so anyone with a Leap Motion controller can set up their very own bird.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Companies: Allen & Gerritsen
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