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Spam of the Day: this Twitter account is stealing Gus Sentementes’s identity

Some poser with the Twitter username GusSent2 stole the former Baltimore Sun reporter's Twitter bio. Let's make fun of this person together.

Gus Sentementes. The real one.

Here’s a weird quirk of what appears to be a new kind of spam.
Gus Sentementes, the Johns Hopkins social media manager and popular former technology reporter and blogger for the Baltimore Sun, is already on Twitter:

The real Gus Sentementes.

The real Gus Sentementes.

But that didn’t stop this person from assuming Sentementes’ Twitter identity and bio under the username GusSent2:
Not the real Gus Sentementes.

Not the real Gus Sentementes. Also, if you’re going to pull off a hoax, at least copy the LinkedIn profile link too.

So, who is this mystery man/woman/penguin/Terminator/Lennay Kekua that the true Sentementes reported to Twitter?
A “social media guy” who seriously loves FAT, GREASY CHEESE BURGERS:
Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 6.13.24 PM
The founder of Nestpix who obviously has never watched the Jennifer Lawrence Q&A post-Oscar win:
Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 6.13.17 PM
A “former tech journalist” who apparently left that journalism job to avoid early mornings:
Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 6.13.09 PM
Undecided on his feelings about Megan Fox’s apology to Lindsay Lohan:
Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 6.13.01 PM
Maybe it’s part of an effort to sell Twitter followers by creating fake accounts that copy other profiles, or maybe not.
It’s all right, @GusSent2. You can haz cheezburger. You can’t, however, have Gus Sentementes’ identity.

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