GSI Commerce founder Michael Rubin is among country’s richest [LINKS]

Four Philadelphians are on the Forbes list of the country's wealthiest.

Elias Bakken shows off his invention, the Replicape. (Photo by Tyler Woods)

Forbes: These 4 Philadelphians are Worth $8.6 Billion [Philadelphia Magazine] “It’s also worth noting that Forbes only includes American citizens on the Forbes 400 list, which is why West Chester’s Hansjoerg Wyss isn’t on it. Don’t recognize the name? The Swiss citizen, who got rich selling medical devices, is alone worth $8.7 billion, more than the four Philadelphians on the Forbes 400 list combined.”

Happy One Year Anniversary to the Philly311 Mobile App! [Philadelphia Managing Director’s Office]

q&a: tayyib smith, little giant [Flying Kite] “FK: What are you still doing in Philadelphia? TS: I’m in walking distance to my grandmother’s house, walking distance to my house, I’m in walking distance to my office. I don’t think New York and L.A. are the center of the universe. There’s an authenticity to Philadelphia that I appreciate. Even though, to my own professional detriment, I’m aware that there might (be) a lot more opportunities for me if I choose to live in another place, stubbornly, I would like to be a part of seeing Philadelphia make the transition from being thought of as a second or third tier market to a first tier market. I think that’s going to happen in my lifetime.”

Is Philly still stuck in Nerdistan? [Philadelphia Daily News] The Daily News covers The Atlantic Cities’ report on how Philly has the lowest urban VC rate compared to other major regions. “My reaction [to the story] was we’ve thought of yet another way to put Philadelphia at the bottom of some list,” said Bob Moul, chief executive of Artisan Mobile in Old City, which earlier this year won $5.5 million in funding from a venture-capital firm in Boston.” See our coverage here.


Companies: Artisan Mobile / eBay Enterprise

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