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Goodworld relocates to a new coworking space after working out of 1776 DC for almost 5 years

Since 1776 DC announced it will be closing at year-end, Goodworld has relocated to WeWork K Street and walked us through the moving process.

The Goodworld team working out of their new space in the WeWork K Street location. (Photo by Michelai Graham)

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Goodworld has officially moved to WeWork K Street after working out of 1776 DC for nearly five years.

The tech startup that facilitates charity donations via hashtags had to relocate after 1776 announced that it would be closing its Washington, D.C. location on Dec. 31. Though it was sad to say goodbye, the company’s Founder and CEO Dale Nirvani Pfeifer expressed much appreciation for the incubator network as her team continues business on K Street.

“It was a little bit emotional for me because, just so much has happened in 1776, it’s such a big part of our history and we’re such a big part of 1776’s DC campus,” Pfeifer told “It was actually a big surprise, we never thought that it would close down. It was so emotional saying goodbye to the space.”

After finding out about the closure, Pfeifer said she knew the company would have to relocate in order to stay local to the District and keep a D.C. address. She said if there was an option to instantly move to the new not-yet conceived 1776 DC home, Goodworld would have “definitely done that.”

Pfeirfer said the process of picking a new home was streamlined since the team decided to use commercial real estate platform Truss, a program accessible by 1776 members in search of coworking spaces. We previously reported that Truss uses AI to help growing companies review and compare office space options, from the amenities to the square footage, and partnered with 1776 to offer this service. Pfeifer said after navigating through the platform with Truss’ Tom Fuge, they toured five coworking spaces in person and by the next morning, Pferifer knew where Goodworld’s new location would be.

Through her search, Pfeifer said they looked at numerous coworking spaces including other WeWork locations, Mindspace (which she said gave her Harry Potter vibes) and MakeOffices. But she was specifically looking for a space with high energy and natural light. When settling in at WeWork, Pfeirfer described some of the main differences compared to 1776 DC, including the more secluded office-style, with coworking space available near the cafes unlike 1776 DC, which was more open. She described WeWork K Street as “more of a professional atmosphere.” Four of Goodworld’s team members work out of the WeWork K Street location.

WeWork K Street also has a pool of different types companies, including non-tech and more established businesses, compared to 1776 DC which is focused on tech-based, early-stage startups. Pfeifer said she would miss 1776’s Director of Culinary Sam Johnson, and his weekly meals as well as the incubator’s after hour events. An amenity at WeWork K Street that Pfeifer said she is looking forward to using is the fact that you could book a meeting space at any of the coworking spaces locations, including outside of the District (like in New York, as Pfeifer mentioned).

Even though Goodworld’s 1776 DC space was larger than the WeWork space, Pfeifer said the company is spending a couple thousand more dollars a year for the new space, but it’s worth it for all the amenities and services. Goodworld is currently under a one year contract with WeWork K Street for its office space.

When we asked Pfeifer would she move back to 1776 DC when the prominent incubator gets a new home next year, she said it’s a possibility, depending on where Goodworld is as a company since they are no longer an early-stage startup company.

Pfeifer said her favorite memory at 1776 DC was “meeting President Obama, pitching him Goodworld and [having] a photo of that pitch end up on the front page of the New York Times.”

For more about the work Goodworld did while at 1776, check out our archive of the company here.

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