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Check out Goodworld’s new look

Starting with that new lowercase ‘w’ in the company name.

Goodworld has a new look. (Photo via Facebook)

Now around two years old, D.C.’s hashtag-based charity donations startup Goodworld is introducing some branding changes. And yes, that lowercase ‘w’ in the name is one of them.
In a blog post published to Medium, Goodworld CEO Dale Nirvani Pfeifer explains her choices, which include a revamped website and a new logo.

Goodworld's new logo. (Image via Medium)

Goodworld’s new logo. (Image via Medium)

“So many people want to do good but don’t know how, so we decided to focus on helping people navigate and discover opportunities for philanthropy,” Pfeifer writes. “You’ll see this in our brand-new website, which we’ve redesigned to make the giving process even simpler for everyone involved.”
The new logo, meanwhile, is a stylized combination between a hashtag and a shield and is in pink, in contrast to the company’s previous blue-based pallet.
“A shield is a symbol of strength, and as we build our ‘force for good,’ I know that you will use it well to defend those in need,” Pfeifer writes. “The hashtag is our weapon of choice to take action and work together towards a better world. Together, they become a symbol of the force for good.”

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