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Why this ‘super nerd’ is super excited for the 2017 Philly Geek Awards

This year's awards will be way swankier and way geekier, thanks to some cool partnerships with the extended Philly nerd family.

Attendees of the 2016 Philly Geek Awards had a good time. ( file photo)

As a marketing intern at Technically Media, I’ve been working to amplify the mission of many of the events that and Generocity produce. Yet with that said, I do believe that the Philly Geek Awards are by far one of the more fun events I get to be a part of.

But maybe that’s just me: As a self-proclaimed nerd, I know it’s going to be good. Not only will there be comic book expertise in the room, but they will be right next to technologists, changemakers, filmmakers and video game creators. Looking forward to the event as a whole, it’s hard to tell what will be the best elements. But since I helped out, I do know what’s new for 2017 and can tell you what I’m most excited about:

1. Meeting awesome people

It’s truly an honor to share the room with individuals who have done such amazing things like leading social movements and contributing immensely to the scientific community. #GOALS

2. The venue

To be surrounded by people who are just as nerdy as you in a state-of-the-art venue like String Theory Schools, wow. There will be plenty of people to talk to about their thoughts on Sherlock Season 4, or if they thought Spider-Man: Homecoming was any good.

3. The awards, of course!

Isn’t it great to see people rewarded for their accomplishments? Here’s who is nominated, btw.

4. The food & drink lineup

This year’s organizers tasked Miles Table Catering to work the room with several varieties of passed hors d’oeuvres. Offerings include sesame noodles in a box, buttermilk chicken skewers, gourmet grilled cheese and a lot more fun surprises! Don’t feel like waiting for the food to come to you? Take your pick from the multiple appetizer stations that will feature loads of chips and guacamole (no extra charge, heh heh), Mediterranean favorites and oodles of pasta options! Aside from the two open bars that will be serving beer, wine, soft drinks and water — Philadelphia Distilling will be serving craft cocktails from their own bar!

5. Geek-friendly exhibits

There will be multiple interactive micro-exhibits from some of Philadelphia’s finest geek-loved institutions. Stroll through the party and get to see cool things from the Science Center in conjunction with its Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia Insectarium & Butterfly Pavilion, Free Library of Philadelphia and the Franklin Institute. We heard there’ll be dancing robots controlled by a live harpist, and that sounds freaking awesome. Our media partner Billy Penn is even having a cosplay contest.

If you’ve never cosplayed before it can seem like a daunting task, I know. But despite popular belief, it isn’t very hard to do so! Picking a simple costume can be easier than you think. Believe me when I say cosplaying can be a truly fun time for anyone, no matter their age.

The first step is knowing what character you will be.

Pick your favorite fandom and then a character you wouldn’t mind being. To give you an idea, some popular fandoms are: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Sherlock. But, of course you can be from any fandom you’d like.*

Get tickets

P.S. As a final note on cosplaying, I plan on dressing up as my favorite character, Bilbo Baggins. So if anyone wants to be Gandalf, Frodo or even Thorin Oakenshield, please be my guest!

Live long and prosper, ok? ( file photo)

Live long and prosper, ok? ( file photo)

See you soon, geeks!

*Allow me to riff at length on Geek Awards cosplay: If you wanted to go for the easier side of things you could do what many call a “casual cosplay.” It’s finding clothes you already have in your closet and only having to get one or two accessories to make the character come to life.

If you want to do something a little more recognizable but still easy, maybe go with someone like Harry Potter. It’s easy to find circular glasses nowadays because the nerdy style is in and you could draw his lightning scar with an eyeliner pencil. When it comes to clothes you need a gray pullover with a white shirt and black pants, or a grey skirt if you wanted to be Hermione. A Gryffindor tie would seal the deal and would make you look just like a Hogwarts student.

There have been many interesting costumes year after year at the Philly Geek Awards. For example, one attendee took a classy take on Pokémon and wore a Pikachu-styled dress with a headband; one couple paid their respect to Star Trek by adding some pointy ears to their look last year.

There are so many options when it comes to cosplaying and the possibilities are endless. If two people dress as the same character, odds are they will both look different but still just as cool and just as in-character. People have different takes on a character’s style and that’s fine. It’s all about fun so get your tickets and start brainstorming your look!

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