Yes, First Ascent Design’s name is a rock climbing reference

First Ascent Design cofounder John Himics' first gig? Rock climbing instructor.

Meet you at the top!

(Photo by Flickr user Adam Kubalica)

In Lemonade Stand, we’ll profile a local leader’s first business experience. Tell us about yours.

Pauline Rubin and John Himics started First Ascent Design (our winner for Design/Dev Firm of the Year in 2016, btw and also the Delaware tech scene’s power couple) a little more than two years ago. The name? It’s a rock climbing reference.
But why?
It turns out Himics’ first job was a rock climbing instructor in New Jersey.
We asked him how that gig informed his career in development. “Climbing is a you-against-yourself sport,” Himics told us. “It’s inherently a supportive community that ultimately wants all people to succeed.”
Leave it to a rock climbing instructor to offer up motivational quips. Himics told us: “The wall wants you to get to the top, you just have to train yourself to be able to do it.” John, can we steal that for the posters in our HR office?

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