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Eyemaginations is now Rendia

Here's how the health IT company went about the process of rebranding.

The Eyemaginations office back in 2014. (Photo by Andrew Zaleski)

The healthcare visualization company that Smitha Gopal leads looks to ease communication between patients and doctors with clear, easy-to-remember visuals.
This year, the team decided its own image needed an update.
Formerly Eyemaginations, the Fells Point-based company rebranded as Rendia in July.
Gopal said the team had nothing against the old name, which was developed when the company was founded in 1999. But the digital renderings that the company’s platform makes available has long since extended beyond eyes into a wide variety of medical areas, and extends beyond the exam room to visuals that can be used in the waiting room or materials that can be viewed once patients are home.
Something that’s easy to remember and spell wouldn’t hurt, either. But it came down to that doctor-patient relationship.
“Everything we do is about building and strengthening that bond,” Gopal said.
To get to the externally facing brand, the company worked internally over a period of months with Canton-based Backroom to get to the heart of what defines the company and its values. Along with developing a framework to define what the company does, Gopal said Backroom founder Kara Redman and other team members built relationships with multiple members of the Rendia team in addition to Gopal, and dug into the company’s culture and existing messaging.

Those additional voices extended to the process of coming up with a new name. They used a collaborative tool to let the 32 technologists, artists and business-side employees offer ideas. “Rendia” came from that process, but it’s not known who came up with it since the names were submitted anonymously.
There’s a double meaning at work — referencing both art and providing care.
“Rendia is derived from render, which means to provide, to make, or to interpret artistically,” Gopal wrote. “At Rendia, we empower patients and their doctors to have memorable conversations that impact patient outcomes.”
Along with getting to the heart of what the company does, the rebranding went beyond the name to the company’s look and feel, extending to logos, typefaces and more.
The process is the latest move for the company, which moved to Fells Point from Towson in 2014.
For more insights, Gopal will be speaking at Baltimore Innovation Week’s Sciences Conference on Monday, Sept. 26 at the University of Maryland BioPark.

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