Today, every company is a public company. What’s a founder to do?

Check out our tips for how entrepreneurs can thrive in an age where everything's a public affair, courtesy of our Tomorrow Toolkit guide to building a business.

Be ready to exist in public. (Photo by Flickr user Stephan Geyer, used under Creative Commons license)

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From coworking spaces to networking culture, starting a business today is a public affair. And that’s not always easy.

We break down how to make it work in the Tomorrow Toolkit, a 20,000 word, 20-chapter ebook published by with support from Comcast NBCUniversal. The toolkit, recently updated, shares some best practices on starting and scaling a startup in today’s ever-changing, collaborative startup environment.

Read the toolkit

Make sure to scope the toolkit for tips on how to:

  • Define your company culture: It’s not all about foosball tables and kegs. Your company culture needs to reflect the kind of employees you want and will value. This chapter helps you figure out what that means.
  • Build real, valuable relationships: Networking isn’t as easy as it sounds. Read up on how entrepreneurs from Denver to Delaware have learned how to turn a potentially awkward situation into comfortable conversation.
  • Choosing the right workspace for you: What you need now for your small three-person startup will change with time and growth. Experts in Philadelphia and Chicago share some tips on how to navigate workspace challenges now and in the future.

Existing out in the open shouldn’t make you feel vulnerable. Rather, it should help you build a bona fide business the right way.


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