Erandoo is Integrity Staffing’s answer to online job marketplaces like TaskRabbit

CEO Todd Bavol says their differentiation is more thorough vetting. “Really understanding how to recruit and attract talent is something we have experience in,” he said.

An Erandoo promo photo. (Courtesy image)
Maybe we need a better way to connect people online to do short-term work.

“Believe it or not,” said Erandoo CEO Todd Bavol, “some people still use Craigslist and classifieds to find people when they need a job done.”
If that doesn’t sound alarming, Bavol says that it should. Consider that online and offline classified ads offer no screening whatsoever for potential workers who may be entering your home or office. Most online freelance sites (think TaskRabbit), though they often offer some amount of protection, are not exactly safe havens for people looking for contract work or people looking to hire them (Bavol calls these “doers” and “posters,” respectively).
Erandoo, which had a soft launch in September after a year and a half in development, is Integrity Staffing’s new digital marketplace for talent. So far, the Newark-headquartered staffing agency vetted about 800 “doers” in the local area — a process that involves an phone interview, identity check and a background check.

“Now we’re working on bringing in more posters,” said Bavol. “We’re trying to be very careful with the balance between a fair price for doers and competitive prices for posters.”
Erandoo is Integrity Staffing’s attempt to address a shifting way people get hired for short-term work, once dominated by traditional staffing agencies and now being supplemented by online marketplaces.
“What sets us apart more than anything is the experience we have in the staffing world,” Bavol said. “We’re very clear on how to appropriately vet, understand that supply and demand changes, and balance the needs of the poster community with the needs of doer community. Really understanding how to recruit and attract talent is something we have experience in.”
Posters can sign up to offer work without a long vetting process, but doers are protected, too. All posters are required to use the escrow system, which safely holds payment until the project is finished.
Of course, no web marketplace is complete without a mobile option — with Erandoo’s apps for Android and iOS, doers have the the ability to be “on,” meaning that they’re available for tasks on demand. Posters can see who’s available to work within a certain mile radius. They can individually select select doers, or have the system automatically invite everyone “on” in the area.
So, will Erandoo share its multi-featured marketplace outside of the mid-Atlantic to its other regions?
“Right now the plan is to make it a success here,” said Bavol. “Once we’re able to serve the people here, then we’ll be launching across the country. As long as the local folks embrace us, we’ll be happy to take this service on the road.”


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