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Only two of the 17 companies in Dreamit’s fall cohort will be in Philly for the program

The "stay where you are" model presses on at Dreamit Ventures, with companies from all over the U.S., Canada, and Israel joining the program.

Dreamit CEO Avi Savar. (Courtesy photo)

The model shift at Dreamit continues: the fall cohort of the accelerator was announced yesterday, with only two of 17 companies based in Philly full-time for the duration of the program.
It was fun while it lasted.
Wrainbo, a mobile learning/gaming platform, and Lilu, a breast-milk pumping accessory, will be the Philly-based companies. The rest of the cohort hails from Canada, Israel and several U.S. cities.

“Dreamit continues our shift towards more mature startups and pushing the boundaries of what traditional accelerators deliver,‚ÄĚ Dreamit CEO Avi Savar said¬†in a press release.¬†‚ÄúThe 17 companies we are announcing today will gain access to an unprecedented network of potential customers and investors further increasing their probability of success.‚ÄĚ
For almost a decade, Dreamit required companies to move to the city for the 14-week-long program. And then, right around this time last year, the mission was broadened: companies everywhere were allowed to participate remotely in the program dubbed by Forbes as one of the most respected in the country.
Savar said then of the change in philosophy:¬†‚ÄúWe live in a global economy now.¬†There‚Äôs no need to create boundaries where there doesn‚Äôt need to be boundaries.‚ÄĚ
Boundaries aside, the fall cohort is a dropoff from the spring class, in which at least a fifth¬†of the companies did their business out of Philly¬†during the program.¬†How’s the new model working for the Philly tech scene? The full impact remains to be seen.


Here’s a Dreamit-provided list of the full fall cohort:

Dreamit Health Fall 2016 Companies

  • Eko Devices¬≠: Non¬≠invasive sensors and software currently enabling precision¬†cardiac care in over 400 hospitals, health systems, and other providers across¬†the US.
  • GraftWorx: “Smart” wearables and implantables for dialysis and peripheral¬†arterial disease patients that transfer clinically actionable data from the device¬†directly into the clinician’s EHR system.
  • Yosi: Eliminates patient intake from waiting rooms and provides an end to end¬†patient onboarding solution, making the office paperless and coordinating care¬†between different EMR platforms.
  • Voiceitt: Translates unintelligible sounds voice into clear speech in real time,¬†enabling those with motor, speech or cognitive disabilities to communicate with¬†caregivers, family members, health care professionals and society as a whole.
  • PadInMotion: Provides customized tablets integrated with the patient care¬†protocols of the medical facility enabling medical facilities to improve key quality¬†of care metrics while patients are in the medical facility and an advanced¬†software platform for care management outside of the medical facility.
  • BrainCheck:¬≠ Mobile, rapid, and easy¬≠to¬≠use cognitive health assessment and¬†management technology, connecting patients and their care teams in both the¬†concussion and dementia markets.
  • PhotoniCare: Changing the way middle ear disease is managed by enabling¬†physicians to look through the eardrum without cutting it open, saving months of¬†treatment time per patient.
  • Synotrac:¬≠ A patent pending implantable medical device that is changing the¬†way doctors look at infection after joint replacement surgery by actively¬†monitoring the joint health via smartphone app.
  • Reliant Immune Diagnostics: Developing innovative diagnostic tests for¬†detection of certain allergies, infections and diseases.
  • Lilu: A pumping accessory that automatically massages and compresses the¬†breasts of pumping moms to increase milk output by up to 50% and enable¬†moms to pump more milk in less time.

Dreamit EdTech Fall 2016 Companies

  •¬≠ Gives administrators the tools to author and vertically integrate¬†curriculum directly into teachers‚Äô planners and daily workflow, allowing for¬†meaningful insights via a direct feedback loop
  • Learnmetrics:¬≠ A powerful dashboard that turns learning data in a GPS for¬†organizational goals, operations, and outcomes. Business Intelligence for¬†schools and districts.
  • MPOWER Financing:¬≠ Non¬≠FICO based financing of high potential international¬†students attending top¬≠tier universities to get to and through college.
  • PenPal Schools:¬≠ PenPal Schools connects over 100,000 students in more than¬†170 countries to collaborate through high¬≠quality online courses to discover¬†cultures and learn about global challenges while practicing essential language¬†and technology skills.
  • PikMyKid:¬†A comprehensive school dismissal and parent communication¬†system that simplifies dismissal process, reduces chaos, and eases traffic in the¬†school neighborhoods, enhancing student safety
  • t3 interactive: The Rosetta Stone for communication skills. A training and¬†practice SaaS tool that uses sensors to provide real¬≠time feedback on nonverbal¬†communication skills to the millions of people who rely upon their skills for work,¬†school and their personal lives.
  • Wrainbo: A learning and assessment platform that combines mobile gaming¬†and big data to teach courses and practical job skills. First game title illustrates¬†how the platform could be leveraged to help people learn and measure business¬†analytics skills, which are critical in today’s big data era.
Companies: Lilu / DreamIt Ventures

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