This Baltimore studio filmed a virtual reality jailbreak for Discovery

Digital Cave Media shot a 360-degree experience for the TV show “I (Almost) Got Away With It.”

A still from "Jailbreak."

(Screenshot via YouTube)

A Hampden-based studio is moving into virtual reality, and the latest example is a collaboration with a TV network that’s looking to put the viewer inside TV shows.
Digital Cave Media handled filming on a virtual reality feature that’s a companion to the Discovery show, “I (Almost) Got Away With It.” The feature, called “Jailbreak,” is a five-minute look at the prison escape of Peter Gibbs.

It was shot on a six-camera GoPro rig, a three-camera rig with 220-degree lenses, and a Kodak 180-degree rig. That’s a lot of rigs.
The approach to produce a narrative is still pretty new in virtual reality, and requires a lot of attention to detail. Every piece of the shoot is captured in the 360-degree frame, said Digital Cave Media Director of VR Photography Matt Riggeiri. As a result, everything a viewer sees has to be part of the story.
“It’s a huge leap,” Riggeiri said.
That’s a challenge DC reported on last year in a profile of VR filmmaker Emiliano Ruprah.
“Jailbreak” is available as 360-degree video on websites like YouTube and Facebook. Or, if you have a headset, it’s on the Discovery VR app.

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