This DC dev wants to make sure inspiring women-in-tech stories get recognized

Powerful woman programmer Veni Kunche has an email newsletter you should check out.

At a DC PyLadies Intro to Python class.

(Photo via Meetup)

Veni Kunche is a Powerful woman programmer. She’s worked in tech for 13 or 14 years, and though she’s still new to D.C. she’s active with Women Who Code DC and she loves the community. Now, she’d like to do her part to inspire women, in the District and beyond, who are just starting their journey in tech.
This is why she’s starting the forthcoming monthly email newsletter, Code with Veni.
When it comes to how women in tech are portrayed in the media, “it’s kind of negative,” she said, making a face. By this Kunche means that a lot of the coverage focuses on the fact that women are underrepresented in tech, and tells stories about how difficult it is to work in the field as a woman. While these are stories very much worth telling, Kunche thinks they can be off-putting, even scary, for women who are starting out.
If it’s so hard, should I even try?
Kunche’s answer, you may have guessed, is an emphatic yes.
“Women who are in the field, like me, should be more vocal,” she said. It’s not that scary, and what’s more, we’re here to support you.
Accordingly, Code with Veni will focus on the success stories of women in tech. Kunche is envisioning a monthly missive that contains an aggregation of inspiring stories, a blog post on some topic that she’ll write and a section for tips and resources. She said she’s aiming to send her first edition at the end of this month, and will look for community feedback to drive the newsletter’s growth and evolution.

The first email newsletter will feature a map of women-in-tech communities around the world, a map that will allow subscribers to explore their area and add local groups of their own. “Honestly, it wasn’t until recently that I knew all this existed,” Kunche said. But now that she does, she’s intent on spreading the wealth.
And for a sneak peek into what kind of inspiring stories the newsletter will feature, Kunche’s Twitter feed is worth a follow.

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