DeTv asks the burning question: ‘What the hell is WhyFly’?

BigIve and WhyFly's Mark Thompson talk about Delaware's mini ISP.

DeTv's Ivan Thomas (left) sits down with WhyFly cofounder Mark Thomspon in 2017.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

You’ve probably heard about WhyFly, Wilmington’s WiFi startup that we named the third-most exciting startup in Delaware this year. If your job is in Wilmington, it might be your workplace ISP, or you may have used it in places like the Riverfront Starbucks. Maybe you’re one of the early adopters who got rid of Comcast (or, as the folks at WhyFly call it, “The C Word”) and had it installed at home.
DeTv’s BigIve recently sat down with with WhyFly cofounder Mark Thomspon to answer the question “What the hell is WhyFly?” We know WhyFly is fast, affordable and local, but we learned a thing or two in the 10-minute interview.

  • WhyFly has 90 percent coverage in the city of Wilmington
  • The company expects to hit 300 customers in mid-September
  • WhyFly will be available in the city of Rehoboth by next beach season
  • You only have to pay for the WiFi that you use (so if you have a summer place, you won’t have to pay a WiFi bill for it in the winter)
  • WhyFly has no contracts (we knew that, but it’s a big deal)
  • Nonprofits can use WhyFly at cost
  • Customers receive one free month for each referral they bring to WhyFly (one customer has accumulated 18 months of free WiFi)
  • WhyFly may be heading south beyond Rehoboth, with eyes on cities in North Carolina and Georgia

Not bad for its first year. It’s almost like people are unsatisfied with the big, slow, erratic ISPs.
Watch the full interview below.

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