Delaware Twitter is losing its mind over this crass tweet

Below the canal? Get ready for this one.

Pretend these horseshoe crabs are retweets and favs.

(Photo by Flickr user U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region)

For as small as the state is, one would imagine that Delaware wouldn’t have such a massive regional divide. Below the canal. Slower Lower Delaware (or Lower Slower, depending on who you ask).
Delaware Twitter? Delaware Twitter sort of lost its mind over the weekend thanks to a tweet from the prolifically named Wawa Boy. Look at this thing, take in the language and then look at the engagement. This dude struck a nerve.

The string of replies is insane, ranging from folks who agree to those who don’t. Then you look at the numbers on this other throwback that, quite literally, flips the script.
Meanwhile, here’s me.
Dead Pinoccio
Jokes aside, this state has always been home to tension across all three counties. If you’re new here, this is the deal. Delaware itself has an inferiority complex thanks to being the butt end of jokes nationwide (at least we’re not Jersey, I guess). Within Delaware? It’s like all that frustration takes home in each county and residents decide to throw casual insults at their neighbors (though many in the tech scene have advocated for a statewide identity).
You’ll hear those in Kent and Sussex slam Wilmington, while New Castle residents yell that anyone below the canal lives in Slower Lower. Which, heck, some Sussex folks have embraced that insult and made it their own slogan, claiming that they know how to chill while the North doesn’t.
This state is glorious.

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