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Which actually-Delaware companies made the 2022 Inc. 5000 list?

Another case of the classic "inc. only" companies.

A Carvertise car on display at a 2018 TeenSHARP event. (Photo by Holly Quinn)
Update: Endevor has been added to the list of true-Delaware companies. (8/25/22, 9:20 a.m.)

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The 2022 Inc. 5000 list is out, ranking the fastest-growing private companies in the US. Which Delaware companies made the list? Inc. offers a handy sorting tool that allows you to narrow the list down by state.

But wait — if some of the companies look unfamiliar, it could be because they’re not companies in Delaware, but companies incorporated in Delaware that are located someplace else in or outside of the US. We’ve talked about this before.

After narrowing down the list to show only Delaware companies, 26 listings turned up. Some, like Carvertise, Tapp Network and DiSabatino, I knew were true Delaware companies. But when in doubt, I ran a quick search. Sometimes the company’s physical location in Texas or California comes right up on Google. Sometimes you have to search by address. “Inc. only” companies, as we call them, usually have Delaware addresses that are law or corporate service firms, and those addresses are not meant to represent the company’s physical location.

Still, a few inc. only companies always show up as Delaware companies on lists like this, in VC reports, and in my inbox. And it actually is just a few, considering that 1.5 million companies — including nearly 70% of Fortune 500 companies — are incorporated in Delaware. But it still throws a wrench in things.

Out of the 26 companies listed as Delaware, I found 12 that are true Delaware companies, and those are the ones we’re listing here.

(Note: The highest-ranking Delaware company on the list shows as the fourth highest before inc. only companies are removed)

  • #764 — SJB Capital (Back to Basics Learning),Wilmington — 1,369% growth
  • #1,209 — Incredible One Enterprises, Newark — 536%
  • #1,576 — AK Multinational, Newark — 405%
  • #2,614 — Carvertise, Wilmington — 218%
  • #3,820 — Tapp Network, Wilmington — 130%
  • #3,852 — Endevor, Wilmington — 129%
  • #4,336 — Chesapeake Plumbing & Heating, Odessa — 104%
  • #4,410 — DiSabatino Construction Company — 101%
  • #4,470 — Placers Inc. of Delaware — 99%
  • #4,689 — Action Unlimited Resources, New Castle — 91%
  • #4,766 — Forever Fresh, Wilmington — 88%
  • #4,983 — The Siegfried Group, Wilmington — 80%

Bonus: Facility Logix, based in Burtonsville, Maryland, which plays a role in ecosystem building in Delaware, came in at #4,201.

Congrats to all of these fast-growing actually-Delaware companies!

Companies: Tapp Network / Carvertise

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