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This new accelerator helps startups get federal contracts: Dcode42

Dcode42 launched Monday. Lesson No. 1: “You can't wear your Silicon Valley attire if you want to work with the government.”

The White House. (Photo by Flickr user wbeem, used under a Creative Commons license)

On Monday, a new accelerator program opened just a block from the White House: Dcode42. Its goal: to help technology startups and companies cut through the red tape of federal government.
Dcode42 was founded by Meagan Metzger and a team of government contractors from The Effia Group, a government compliance group. There’s “a need for innovation in the government,” she said. “Companies that can have a lot of impact don’t even consider the government because there’s such a big barrier to entry.”
The Dcode42 program will last approximately six months. It will be a “hands-on” and “intensive” crash course on the language, processes and opportunities for working with the federal government.
Lesson No. 1: “You can’t wear your Silicon Valley attire if you want to work with the government.” The program will also take on marketing, pricing and strategy duties.
The accelerator will be available to beginning or mature startups, as well as established companies that want to branch out into the federal sphere. To work with the government, “it doesn’t matter if you already went IPO or if you’re a startup, it’s a brand-new business,” said Metzger.
Companies can pay for the program through a fee, an equity exchange or a mix of both. The accelerator is also working on sponsorship opportunities to reduce costs for smaller enterprises.
Dcode42 will also have a coworking space available for companies interested in setting up shop in downtown D.C.
Dcode42 is accepting accelerator applications until June 1; the program start Aug. 1.

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