Career development / DC DC Diaries: Yvette Scorse, communications director at Byte Back

In the latest episode of our video series, Scorse talks about how she's been helping the nonprofit's students advance their tech careers from home.

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“What attracted me to the organization five and a half years ago when I started there wasn’t really the tech part of the mission, but the people part of the mission.”

This was Yvette Scorse’s mindset when she first started working at Byte Back. Scorse is the most recent honoree from DC’s RealLIST Connectors interviewed for our video series, which features interviews with local founders, technologists and startup leaders. The conversations are hosted by me, Market Editor Michelai Graham, and explore various topics including how these folks got their start in technology or entrepreneurship and what keeps them going. See more episodes here.

Scorse’s interest in equity and lowering the poverty rate in the D.C. area led her on a path to learning more about the digital divide and how tech can help people gain jobs. She said she’s had her moments where she hasn’t felt “techy enough” to be a part of the #dctech community, but she’s worked her way up from where she was five years ago.

“In my time here, I’ve become more of an expert on digital divide [and] digital inclusion issues,” Scorse said, “but also in my day-to-day job, I think being a communications director [and] working in marketing, it’s kind of a mix of creative and tech.”

Scorse is often doing graphic design, video production and editing, website updates, email marketing and a little bit of front-end design in her role. Though she doesn’t consider herself a developer, she’s certainly a technologist.

Naps, meditation and keeping clear work and life boundaries are a few ways Scorse has been able to stay level headed and avoid work-from-home burnout.

To hear more about Scorse and how she’s working hard to help Byte Back students advance their tech careers from home, check out our chat below.

Here’s the audio version:

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